Markets: Homeland Security

Markets: Homeland Security

Fire Suppression:

Fire suppression has broad civilian and military applications.  We are formulating concepts for fire suppression by applying our understanding and modeling of the chemical kinetic mechanisms of combustion in fire events.  Our approach is to develop a remote and rapid suppression system that interrupts important branching reactions in the combustion process.  Our system will supplant other suppression technologies such as water mist, gas, and halogen systems in certain applications.


Structural Safety:

Building structural collapse, either due to fire, earthquake or poor construction is a tremendous concern to first responders, especially fire fighters. Innoveering is working closely with first responders at the Applied Science Foundation for Homeland Security and with academia, to develop and test our “Enhanced Structural Collapse Awareness and Prediction tEchnology”, ESCAPE system.  ESCAPE combines off-the-shelf components and proprietary algorithms, to extract vital structural information from a building to alert first responders of the potential for structural collapse.


First Responder SCBA Systems:

Providing fire fighters with enhanced breathing apparatus capability can help to save lives.  Innoveering has designed an “Oxy-Boost System” which is an innovative application of fuel cell technology to act as an oxygen purification pump.  A modified solid-oxide fuel cell (SOFC) separates the residual exhaled oxygen from a first responder’s self-contained breathing apparatus using this technology. The SOFC is ideally suited because oxygen ions are the charge carrier in this type of fuel cell.  Our designs have shown significant reduction in weight and extended operating time.