Markets: Oil & Gas

Markets: Oil & Gas

Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR):

Recovering oil that conventional production methods have left behind or cannot access poses multi-faceted technology challenges.  Methods that increase recovery rates, reduce water usage and environmental impact while maximizing economic return are highly desirable.  We are addressing these challenges with our environmentally neutral recovery technology that combines the benefits of thermal and gas injection techniques.  These solutions leverage our aerospace heritage to simultaneously reduce upfront costs and environmental footprint.



Flow Measurement & Assurance:

Accurate measurement of wet-gas flow rates is vital information for gas producers to receive their proper allocation of revenue. To meet this demand, deepwater subsea multiphase flowmeters, operating under extremely harsh environments (22,500 psia, 250 deg C) are under development. We are collaborating with world experts and joint industry partners to provide miniature, highly accurate differential pressure sensors to more reliably measure wet-gas flow rates.





Water Conservation:

Recycling of produced water in heavy oil thermal stimulation is a path to reduce the fresh water requirements of traditional feedwater boilers.  However, produced water recycling increases both green-house-gas (GHG) and solid waste disposal volumes.  Innoveering and our partners are teamed to develop novel, non-fouling techniques that utilize produced and connate water for thermal stimulation, without increased GHG emissions or solids disposal requirements.