Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR):

We are developing technologies for enhanced recovery of conventional and heavy oil using compound stimulation techniques that will dramatically increase extraction and recovery rates in an environmentally benign way.  Innoveering combines advanced technologies and capabilities drawn from our aerospace background together with current state of the art process simulation (ASPEN) and reservoir simulation (STARS) to model and assess the impact of our stimulation technology on economics and oil recovery.



Electrochemical systems are core to next generation power generation, gas purification and novel sensing solutions.  Innoveering leverages MEMS technology along with modeling techniques to optimize electrode performance characteristics.   AC impedance spectroscopy along with SEM imaging of our electrochemical devices have been used to characterize performance and surface characteristics.


Fuel Chemistry:

Core to combustion system development is the understanding of fuels and fuels chemistry.  Logistical fuels (e.g., JP, kerosene), biomass, gaseous, low BTU and tailored fuel formulations are vital to most energy conversion systems in use today.  Innoveering develops in-house chemical kinetics mechanisms to better understand the combustion of these fuels and pollutant formation and destruction.  These models are core to the development of our flex fuel/high pressure burner technology.


Whether it is the development of micro reactors, tunable catalytic gasifiers or fuel processing reactors, Innoveering leverages its understanding of homogenous and heterogeneous chemically reacting flow to develop efficient catalytic systems for distributed power applications.

Data Acquisition and Controls:

In support of our field and facility development activities, we develop integrated data acquisition and control systems using national brand hardware and software, as well as boutique hardware and custom software for unique applications.  Our systems are rugged, portable and have been supporting field operations in multiple locations in North America.  Over the past year, our team has also been working on Wireless Network Systems (WNS) as part of our micro-systems technology suite.



Our pioneering work in combustion at supersonic and hypersonic speeds, micro-dual-propellant rockets, combustion air heaters, and large-bore natural gas cylinders is an indication of our capabilities.  We routinely develop combustion systems on the cutting edge of technology using advanced tools including combustion kinetics modeling as well as practical know how.  Our expertise is combustion over a broad range of pressure from sub-atmospheric to 2,800 psi, and with fuels from highly reactive hydrogen, to low-BTU value solid bio-fuels. And when active cooling is required we have successfully built combustors that are air, fuel, and water cooled.

Gas Dynamics:

Managing supersonic and hypersonic flowfields for product development and test services has built both our fundamental and practical capabilities.  Including nozzles, diffusers, ejectors, and vanes, with shock waves, expansion/compression corners, and viscous interactions, we have built a broad array of devices to meet customer requirements.  In unsteady flows we have designed, built, and operated shock tunnels, expansion tubes/and tunnels, detonation drivers, Ludwieg tubes, and related gas dynamic valves and flow control devices.  We have the expertise to understand your requirements and the tools to develop solutions that will work.



We have been at the forefront of propulsion technology for over 25 years.  Our team has had a hand in a number of history making accomplishments in hypersonic scramjet–powered propulsion including: DARPA-FASTT, NASA X-43A, and USAF X-51A.  Over many years of work in support of NASA and the DoD, we have developed new propulsion cycles and systems for platform, missile, projectile, and nano-vehicle systems working with gaseous, liquid, and solid fuels, and for low-speed to hypervelocity.   We look forward to helping to provide solutions for your applications.


MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems):

Innoveering is miniaturizing core sensor and actuator technologies, taking advantage of micro-machining, advanced materials and novel surface treatments. With access to world class micro-fabrication facilities, precision machining vendors, and strong knowledge of micro-systems engineering, we are developing solutions for aerospace, oil/gas, thermal management, micro-space propulsion, power generation and homeland security applications.

Harsh Environment Sensing:

We design and develop systems to work in challenging conditions which include temperatures > 500 °C, and pressures up to 23 ksi.  We have developed microsystems, physical sensors, packaging and integrated measurement systems for such environments, for the aerospace, defense and oil/gas industries.